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A fishing net is a device made of woven material, typically nylon or other synthetic materials, that is used for catching fish in large quantities. Fishing nets come in a variety of sizes and designs, depending on the type of fish being targeted and the fishing method being used.Nets can be used in different ways, such as drifting in the water or being set in a stationary position. Some nets are used to encircle schools of fish, while others are dragged behind boats to catch fish that swim near the surface.

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This net is perfect. Feels like good quality, has lanyard, rubber net, floats, durable, and is Cheap!! Perfect for steelhead season. I use a magnet on my pack and attach the included lanyard . Highly rocommended
Lightweight, deep net, and large hoop, handle large fish with ease. Much more affordable than wooden nets of comparable size. Handle fits nice in the hand. It floats, so you won’t lose it. Great net.
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